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Helping your business stand out 

Design for Thought is a creative design studio based in Sydney, Australia. We do branding, logo design and print design.

Stand out online and on shelves 

Become recognised and trusted

as a brand

Communicate who you are as

a brand successfully



Designing for impact

At Design for Thought - Creative Studio Sydney we specialise in print design, branding design and logo design. We are dedicated to bringing memorable brands to life for businesses, large and small. We believe your business matters in the industry and has the potential of impacting people all over the world.



Branding strategy to communicate the next generation skin care range of

Kissun Skin Science




Branding design for fun, young and lively coffee shop owned by designers passionate about coffee.

Young Dietitian
Vitamin C


Making Vitamin C intake trendy and fun  for young adults.


Is your branding on point?

A logo is just a part of your brand, a tool we use to make your brand easily recognised. Branding strategy is what great businesses prioritise to be able to create the brand awareness they dream of.

Brand Impact

Branding and logos are the first contact people have with your brand. The first impression they will make of your business. You better make a great impression!

Creates Guidelines

Knowing where to go is very important for your business. Branding will give you a roadmap on how to present your product well to those you are looking to target.


Branding will give you consistency across the board for a great experience for your customers at all touch points. Customers will become loyal to your brand!

Adds value

Services and products are amazing but without branding they won't be picked.  Branding, logos and packaging will help you stand out from the competition.


Branding helps you understand who you are selling to, how they look and what they want. It will provide clarity to know how to communicate to them correctly.

Saves Money

A logo design for the wrong target market can cost you. Branding will help you put out products and services that are right for those you are targeting.


Creative Services

At our creative design studio in Sydney we specialise in branding,

logo design and print design. 

Branding - We know your brand is more than a logo, it is the gut feeling your customers have about your business, product or service. We can help you create a strategy for your brand to help you stand out from the crowd.

Logo Design - A logo is one of the first things a customer comes in contact with and the first impression they will have of your business. We create logos that are simple, memorable, and versatile for your business.

Print Design - Whether it is a brochure, a catalog or packaging.

at Design for Thought we can help you put your new branding on all your marketing material so you stay on brand across all platforms, 


Why choose Design for Thought? 


We thrive on being a part of challenging projects and love hitting the mark when it comes to goals for branding, logo design or print design. You can pass on your project to us trusting we will deliver.


We want to avoid confusion and worry

by being on top of all correspondence.

We will be contactable and approachable throughout the whole design process.


We love what we do, but the star is you!

Whether you approach us for branding, logo design or print design, we care about your success because when you are successful, we are too.


We know you have deadlines to meet,

that is why we characterise for always delivering right on time to avoid any delays for your branding, logo design or print design.


We will explain how we work and the phases we will go through even before

we start your project. You won't have to worry about what's next because you will already know what is coming.


We offer much more than branding, logo design or print design. We believe in nurturing relationships that can last longer than a project. 

Any effort to get customers

is Marketing. Any effort to get customers and keep them, is branding.

- Marty Neumeier


This is how we work

At our creative design studio in Sydney we keep things transparent.

This is our process and what you can expect in each phase.

Contact - You contact our design studio in Sydney with general details about your project to

Scope - We will discuss and go over the details of your project. This will help us set the scope for your project so we are able to create a proposal.

Research - We will look at your

business in detail, your competitors

and psychographic profile of your demographic. This will give us the guidelines to hit the mark.

Development - Armed with a deep understanding of your position, we will develop and present to you custom design solutions for your project.

Revisions - We will then proceed to develop the concept further for additional exploration, colour studies, contextual applications and revisions. 

Delivery - We deliver all finished digitally optimised artwork files ready for your use in digital or for print. As well as a brand guide to keep your brand consistent.


Ready to build your brand?

We would love to hear from you. Whether is a new logo, branding or print design, find out how we can help you reach your business goals.



Natalia is one of the best designers I have met in my 10 years brand management career. Her understanding on packaging has made the communication much easier and efficient. Her sense of colour is one of her strengths.

Ka Lo - Kissun Brand Management